Bruce David Thomas, alias Bruce Slutsky

Date of Birth 2-22-55  Date of Arrest 10-28-97

I've gotten several requests from people to see a copy of the actual mugshot from the Milwaukee County Sheriff's department for Bruce Thomas.  Some of those interested were from Thomas' own neighborhood on Pierner Street -- a quiet little street in Brown Deer Wisconsin.  Another was someone that did business with his business, Thomas Uniforms.  Still others wanted a picture of the man who was distributing illegal smear political flyers in Brown Deer and working on behalf of Citizens for Responsible Government candidate Joe Rice.  (Rice denied that convicted criminal Bruce Thomas was working on his campaign but after the election a gleeful Thomas publicly showed off a letter from Rice thanking him for his help on the campaign.)

So here it is -- straight from the Sheriff's department.  If you would like a better copy you can go down and request it yourself.  Make a copy of this one so you have his booking number.  This aids them in locating the image on their computers.  Otherwise, you can click on the image below and that will take you to a large (4.4mb) file in .pdf format that is print quality.  

As with any picture, there's a story that goes along with it.  The Glendale Herald, which has since been merged into the CNI newspaper The Northshore Herald, published a story explaining Thomas' exploits.  At the time of his crime, Thomas lived in Glendale.  Apparently Thomas ordered uniforms with other peoples credit cards and had them delivered to his neighbors houses in the middle of the day.  After the UPS truck left, Thomas would sneak over to grab the packages out of the door.  Thomas pled down to a lesser charge (a misdemeanor) but continued to have restraining orders against him.  

Normally I wouldn't post such a thing on the web, but Thomas seems to gain pleasure from publishing his disparaging remarks on the web about both me and people I respect.  One would think he would have removed them from the web after the election since he got his candidate elected.  But being a gracious winner isn't part of who this convicted criminal is.  Even after the election I was receiving mocking e-mails from him where he refused to identify himself.  However, know that if you receive an email from EXECUTIVEGUY1@ , you've been contacted by none other than Bruce Thomas.

Update: Bruce Thomas is now active in defeating an anticipated school referendum.  Expect more of the same sort of antics from him in the future.

Update 12-10-04: An unsigned flyer was distributed in Brown Deer which indicated that a huge school tax increase was coming.  There's really only one person locally who does this sort of thing.  When warned about his antics by Assistant District Attorney Michael Mahoney, Thomas said he didn't know these flyers were illegal.  Mahoney, quite possibly the weakest prosecutor around who has personally told me that most campaign complaints are "nuisances", not only let convicted criminal Bruce Thomas off the hook, but he sent a letter to Rice with wording that could have been used by Rice to show reasonable deniability.  And we all pay Mahoney's salary.  Ya gotta love it when the ADA is out protecting the crooks -- it's your tax dollars at work.

Update 5-10-05: Thomas ran for school board on the "NO" to schools platform and lost.  He has apparently changed his email to and regularly emails me with his rambling taunts including one very troubling one recently where he emailed me a photo of my son.  He's using the pen name "Ken" and emailing me with all sorts of disjointed delusional information which he carbon copies to talk show hosts Charlie Sykes and Mark Belling as well as several political figures.  Now I guess I know why he's had several restraining orders filed against him. If these continue I'll be filing one against him myself.